Sunday, 2 October 2011

Eva Longoria Will Never Reveal Reason Behind Divorce

Actress Eva Longoria has vowed never to disclose the reason behind her divorce from Tony Parker because she doesn`t want to hurt his feelings. The `Desperate Housewives` star separated from the basketball player in November last year amid rumours of his alleged infidelity, and their three-year marriage ended in divorce in January.
Speculation has been rife about the reasons behind the breakdown of the relationship, but Longoria insisted she will never talk about such a personal matter.
Eva Longoria
“He`s not a bad person. He just wanted something else and I don`t hate him for it… You want different things… I would never speak publicly about what happened or why we got divorced, because I love him and we still talk. We still are in each other`s life,” she told CNN`s Piers Morgan.

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