Saturday, 22 October 2011

SECRET is back on ‘Music Core’ with “Love is Move”

SECRET has made a triumphant return on ‘Music Core‘ tonight with their new song, “Love is Move“!
The girls continued with their retro concept, but they vamped it up this time around by introducing sexy bodywaves and form-fitting dresses to their stage routine.
As explained earlier, their concept was inspired by ’70s cartoon character, ‘Betty Boop‘. TS Entertainment stated, “Betty Boop was a popular cartoon character back in the ’70s that caused a sensation for her cute face and sexy figure. The Betty Boop character is still an icon to many women because of her ability to speak her mind while still maintaining her feminine charisma. The idea behind Betty Boop seemed to match the haughty and confident image that SECRET is trying to express for this concept.”
Check out SECRET’s comeback stage below!

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